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Sangamo have manufactured time clocks in the UK for over 90 years and at our current site in Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire since 1951.

Organisations and individuals everywhere trust Sangamo products to offer control where they need it. Our reputation for reliability is simply the best in the industry. We are best known for our Round Pattern Time Switch – widely regarded as the most dependable time clock around.

When you see the Sangamo name you know you are getting a product which is simple to install, easy to use and has a reliability you can depend on giving you the confidence to truly fit and forget.

Round Pattern Time Switch

We have been manufacturing our famous Round Pattern Time Switches in our Port Glasgow factory since 1951, having sold over 11 million and counting, we often hear from customers who have had them installed, problem-free, for over 50 years or more.

See Our Round Pattern Time Switches


SEE Our Powersaver Range

Sangamo Powersaver products are a set of simple to use, multi application controllers which offer a wide choice of programming functionality & flexibility. All of the products are designed to control the timing operations of applications such as water heating to ensure expensive energy is not wasted. Heating and hot water heating account for 43% of a home’s energy usage (mapawatt.com) – the Powersaver range can reduce energy and fuel costs for these domestic applications.


See The Choice Range

Our popular range of programmers, for controlling hot water and central heating, featuring a bright back-lit display and easy to use push buttons hide an adaptable, feature-rich product. Each product can be switched between 24 hour, 5/2 day and 7 day programming rather than having separate products for each and can be programmed with either 2 or 3 on/off functions per day. The switch between Summer and Winter time is handled automatically so there’s no need to reset the clock twice a year either!

Time Switches

Our range of digital DIN & Panel time switches have a multitude of applications from public and car-park lighting to signage and store windows. Switches with pulse programming are also ideal for sirens/school bell.