Heating and hot water account for over 80% of home energy use, it is therefore vital for home owners to reduce their usage to save energy and lower heating bills. The Sangamo Choice range gives control over the heating system to home owners which enables them to eliminate wasted heating.

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Offering timed control of hot water and central heating which turns off the boiler when heat is not required. The most common model features separate heating and hot water control in two separate channels. Single channel (simultaneous heating and hot water) and three channel (hot water and two separate heating zones – normally for upstairs and downstairs control) models are also available.

Unlike some of our competitors, the Sangamo Choice range of programmers are switchable between 24 hour, 5/2 day (i.e. separate weekday and weekend) and 7 day programmer that can suit each tenants requirements.

In addition Summer/Winter time change is automatically applied and the boost and holiday functions make for a feature packed programmer that provides timed control to ensure energy is not wasted.


Adding a room thermostat to your heating system gives temperature control, when the room is already above your set temperature the boiler will switch off, avoiding the waste of unnecessary energy. A simple room (or dial) thermostat ensures the home stays at a comfortable temperature. Simply turning down a thermostat by 1°C can reduce energy bills by as much as 10%.

Choosing a wireless dial thermostat, like the RSTAT3 RF, means you can avoid the need for cabling to be run from your boiler and redecorating after installation. Particularly if you need a first thermostat to be installed a wireless model can be installed quickly and hassle free.

 Programmable Thermostats

Upgrading to a programmable thermostat provides the ultimate in timed and temperature control in one easy to use product. You can program your thermostat to only function at certain times of the day, of automatically set different temperatures at different times of day to avoid wasting energy while no one is home or having a cooler setting at night.

As well as a standard wireless version we also offer a Smart Wi-Fi enabled Thermostat, The Netatmo Thermostat, not only can you control your heating from a smartphone or tablet but it also takes into account your local outdoor temperature and how long it anticipates it will take to reach your desired temperature to control your heating for maximum in comfort in efficiency. The Netatmo Thermostat can also be synced with IFTTT to affect or react to other elements of your smart home.

ErP Directive and Sangamo Thermostats

From September 2015 new legislation comes into force covering the labelling of water heaters (conventional, solar, heat pump, hot water storage tanks) each must be clearly labelled indicating its energy efficiancy from A+++ (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient) under EU Directive ErP 2009/125/CE.

Under the ErP Directive any controls fitted to the heating system must be taken into account and a new label produced by the installer for the home owner giving the systems efficiency in order to assist installers we have placed ErP information inside the packaging of all relevant products identifying which class of control is being installed.

All Sangamo Choice room thermostats (RSTAT1, RSTAT2, RSTAT3, RSTAT3 RF, RSTAT8 & RSTAT9 RF) are Class I controls, contributing 1% to the seasonal space heating energy efficiency. The Netatmo Thermostat for Smartphone is a Class IV control, contributing 2% to the seasonal space heating energy efficiency.

Other Thermostats

The Choice thermostat range is completed by two further products. A frost thermostat which protects the heating system and localised pipework by setting a minimum threshhold and a cylinder thermostat to control the temperature of stored hot water.


Thermostatic Radiator Valves (or TRV’s) restrict the hot water flowing into individual radiators around the home. These can be used to give individual room by room control of your heating system. We also offer Zone Valves which are used to direct the water around the homes pipework, splitting it into appropriate zones.

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