powersaver boost

PSB – Powersaver Boost

The PSB is a simple, multi-application time switch. An easy single button operation allows you to select a 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hour operation time after which the switch turns off meaning expensive to run equipment cannot be left on all day.


powersaver select

PSS – Powersaver Select

The PSS is an electronic timer which, in addition to the functions of the PSB model, provides the ability to program up to 3 on/off operations per day. A back-lit LCD screen displays the time and status of the unit.

The Powersaver Select combines our previous products, PSD, PSW & PS24/7, into one easy to control unit.

Dual Flexi

powersaver dual flexi

PS Dual Flexi – Powersaver Dual Flexi

The PS Dual Flexi controls singe, twin or dual element immersion heaters and bridges the gap between bulky, aged electro-mechanical controllers & complicated digital versions.

The Dual Flexi comes with pre-selectable programs to match low rate electricity tariffs: Economy 7, Economy 10 & EDF’s Eco 20:20. These ensure the unit only calls for heat during off-peak times. To further save on energy costs the times can be further minimised to suit your needs.

The Powersaver range provides the time control facility needed to help households lower their electric hot water costs by minimising energy consumption.

Sangamo Powersaver products are a set of simple to use, multi application controllers which offer a wide choice of programming functionality & flexibility. All of the products are designed to control the timing operations of applications such as water heating to ensure expensive energy is not wasted. Heating and hot water heating account for 43% of a home’s energy usage – the Powersaver range can reduce energy and fuel costs for these domestic applications.

The Powersaver range has the ability to switch a resistive load of 16amps and varies from the simple Powersaver Boost switch which has a boost period of 30 minutes, 1 and 2 hours; to the fully programmable 7 day Powersaver 24/7 switch.

Due to its functionality the Powersaver is the control of choice for many Local Authorities, private builders and electrical contractors. In fact, many local authorities use the Powersaver to achieve their housing objectives set within the Decent Homes Standard, Scottish Housing Quality Standards, Welsh Housing Quality Standard and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The Powersaver range is aesthetically pleasing and with single immersion element applications, the Powersaver Boost & Select products can fit into a single gang pattress box.

Not just water heating

The Powersaver units have a wide range of uses, not just controlling your water heating. Common applications for the single element and boost models include fan heaters, storage heaters, panel heaters, towel rails but really they can control almost any circuit up to 16A, see product datasheets for limitations.

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